Getting The Right Equipment for your Webcam Stream

Becoming a Webcam Model: Getting the right equipment

Becoming a cam model does not require a large investment in purchasing IT equipment. A web cam model needs a good webcam, a computer, and some sexy accessories, coupled with your entertainment skills you’re on the right path to becoming a web cam model.

While it is relatively easy to get started, at Regency Model Management, we recommend the following action plan to get you started.

Webcam model’s first investment: a quality webcam!

Having an HD webcam is highly recommended to produce a good quality stream. We don’t recommend that you use the webcam that comes by default, integrated on your laptop. Firstly, they often do not have the appropriate video quality to offer an engaging user experience. Secondly, you are going to be crippled by the fact that you are tied to the computer. After all, to engage with the viewers while offering a sexy view of your body is difficult when you are also trying to read the screen. You can begin your career as a webcam model like this, but we strongly recommend that your first investment is a good webcam.

Which computer to perform your first show on?

Good news is, one doesn’t need a very high-performance machine to stream webcam shows. The odds are that the one that you’re using right now is good enough.

If it isn’t, or you don’t have a laptop at all, then any new midrange laptop you purchase nowadays will work well enough. It’s increasingly uncommon, but certain web cam job platforms are not MacOS compliant. You can always connect with Regency Model Management to discuss the platform limitations and support when signing up.

A good quality web cam show requires a good internet connection. To ensure a lag-free experience and optimum video quality of your show; a strong internet connection is essential. Make sure to understand that your laptop will continuously send the stream to the broadcasting platform you have selected from your webcam. Generally, platforms have specific recommendations as well. Regency Model Management recommends an upload speed of 2 Mbps (1 Mbps being the strict minimum).

You may use any speed checker, such as the Broadband Speed Checker, to test your upload efficiency. While running the speed test, remember to turn off all devices/apps using the internet. We also recommend that you switch over to an ethernet (wired) link rather than WiFi. A wired connection offers maximum speed with more consistency and is less prone to disruption.

Choose and organise your room

Ideally, a webcam model should have a special place devoted to your shows, for them to be successful. Having a dedicated place helps webcam model stay focused and confident without distractions. Models at Regency are also encouraged to organise their place in such a way that it cannot be recognised. The majority of models use their spare bedroom or space devoted to this task.

In order for your viewers to see you and have the best web cam experience the lighting of your room is important. Indeed, for your viewers, a good experience has a lot to do with good lighting.  Ring lights and lamps will give you soft warm natural look.

Sexy outfits, an asset for your live shows

Store your fleece pj’s and wear your sexiest clothes you have in your wardrobe from corsets, thongs, suspenders, to your sexy 2 piece be creative and experiment with anything you’ve got that makes you feel sexy.

Remember to periodically renew this role so as not to bore your viewers with repetition. But hey, which girl doesn’t love sexy lingerie?! So sometimes it’s okay to repeat as well. Regency Model Management offers various categories, so choose your roles right and manage your kit accordingly.

 Sextoys: webcam models’ best friends

The last but the most important point: sex toys! Dildo, vibrators, the more variety you have the better!

Using a bluetooth interactive sex toy is a big bonus. Your audiences would then be able to communicate directly with you, in the form of virtual sex. Not only do connected sex toys respond to tips during your shows, but will also allow your customers to monitor them during private shows directly. Such toys are really helpful in encouraging some extra trip and pleasure.

There are a variety of brands, such as Lovense. In our view, Lovense is a brand that proves most popular among performers..

Recommendation:We love the Lovense Lush2 it’s a vibrating egg that responds to the client’s tips or requests. Practical and highly successful!

If you’re looking to become a webcam model and be part of the Model Regency Family, please apply here