The Top 5 Fantasies Men have for Webcam Models

Whether it is to find ideas for naughty conversations or to excite your clients and attract them into a private webcam show, as a webcam model, you must know what boys fantasize about. These fantasies can be used to seek inspiration while building up your character as a camgirl. or you can even build your stories around them and develop your audience’s interest.

The Lesbian Fantasy

Girls, this is no hidden secret. What do boys love watching more than a girl playing with herself? Watching two of them at it! Making love with two women or watching two women make love is the number 1 male fantasy! You want to drive your client crazy with desire and tell him about an experience (real or imaginary) with your neighbour, classmate, boss, friend’s wife, etc.

You can also admit that you fantasize about a celebrity and tell what you would like to do with her. Webcam jobs are all about improvisation and creativity, so keep working on that.

Finally, every now and then, if you have the opportunity, try to bring a friend over (or a fellow webcam model from the Model Regency camgirl for a lesbian show. Publicise it over all your outlets well before the show (teasers, maybe?). It’ll surely bring over a lot of audience to your profile.

The Fantasy Stranger

If you want webcam jobs to come to you, you need to have a bag full of performances with you. Some webcam models engage their audience by telling them about a time they felt very excited about a stranger. You can do this as well. For example, work up a story you got stuck in a taxi with a handsome but very persuasive driver, or when you let yourself be picked up in a bar. All of these stories end up getting you in a naughty mess, of course! These stories don’t even have to be real; just make sure you’re in character. It’s all about building the story up and presenting it in a manner that appeals to the audience.

Fantasizing about co-workers

Here’s an exciting insight from our own Regency Model Management office! Business life is a great source of fantasy for men. It’s not uncommon for men to fantasize about their female work colleagues, secretaries, bosses, clients, or maybe even their boss’s wives!

Do not hesitate to ask questions: “Do you meet sexy women at work?“, ” Who do you fantasize about at work?“, “Do you ever check out your colleague’s cleavage?” Then, encourage him to share his fantasy by recounting the adventures that have already happened to you.


Many men dream of checking out the girl next door in tiny outfits or hearing strangers making the best of their night in a hotel.

Here are some ways to get them excited by playing with this fantasy.

Put your cam in unusual places or in a different corner of your room, making your webcam video look like a ‘real, hidden cam feed.’

While talking to your audience, you can even mention things like, “It really excites me when I peak through my neighbours’ window and catch them making love. I wonder if anyone ever checked me out dressing down…“.

Tell them how you deliberately leave your curtains open when you change so that any sneaky passerby can get to have a look at your proud assets!

Give your audience the feeling of peeking into another woman’s room as she shares her private moments with another man.

The women in uniform

In our earlier articles, we discussed what kind of suits work for webcam models. These are the suits or costumes you must invest in to keep on progressing in your webcam job. Among the same, women of uniform make part of men’s wildest fantasies! A nurse, policewoman, schoolgirl, flight attendant, a maid, any woman from your everyday life willing to do things. This is an absolute turn-on for men.

This fantasy is relatively easy to exploit later in the form of role-playing games (your costume will quickly pay for itself!).

Stimulate the imagination

Erotic stories are potent stimulators. Be a story artist! A webcam model must come up with a good number of experiences to tell. Draw your experience or imagination. But always choose stories in which you feel good (Remember; authenticity is one of the keys to becoming a good webcam model).

We are always happy to welcome new and enthusiastic webcam models. The best part is, we are always here to share our knowledge and help you make some good money!

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