a webcam model in her lingerie

Life as a Webcam Model

With extraordinary University/College fees and financial burdens, students, and adults alike, find themselves in need of assistance to get them through. More often than not, students are found looking for alternative sources of income to carry them through their studies. We live in tough times, especially if you’re in any debts like student loans. What makes it harder is to look for sustainable side jobs, while allocating adequate time for your studies.

In such an economic environment, women are often found exploring adult work as a source of income to fund their studies and student loans or to get out of debt. In recent years, a trend of webcam modelling has surfaced. Surprisingly, this has encouraged women to get involved in this line of work even more so, owing to the fact that life as a webcam model offers a sense of security, peace of mind, comfort, and flexibility.

Webcam modelling is often confused with ‘sex work,’ per se. These models, however, carry a different opinion. Webcam models are known to have their own protocols, and their services may or may not involve nudity and sexual incentives. They are merely video performers and entertainers, with a bold range of entertainment services being offered.

To understand how it all works, we met with Vivienne, a webcam model at Regency Model Management. With her flamboyant personality, she greeted us with confidence in what she does.

To a question how she discovered this field and what made her a model, she told us: “I have always been fascinated with the idea of being a webcam model, one weekend at home I was watching a documentary on the webcam industry and thought I’m going to give this a go and see if it’s for me.”

She’s not the first to find this field appealing, merely by watching a documentary. Webcam modelling is popular for its lucrative charm. According to Vivienne, webcam models in the UK easily earn up to £4000 in a busy month, and around about £2000 during quieter months. It all depends on client traffic and how you retain them.

Fascinated with the stories and experiences, we asked Vivienne to talk about her experiences and walk us through what it’s like being a webcam model.

What is your experience working as an adult model?

Are you, or were you, ever shy? If so, how do you overcome that?

“I have always been very confident and outgoing; however the first time I was on a live cam with my first client I was quite nervous; however, he was lovely and put me at total ease, and a large glass of rose definitely helped.”– she smirked with joy as she said that. We don’t blame her!

What’s your job as a webcam model?

Does it involve stripping, or do you offer a girlfriend experience?

“As a webcam model, we all have different morals and what we are prepared to do on cam. Most webcam models have their own niche at what they are good at and my speciality is role play.

Most women worry about revealing their identity and the anonymity this life could offer. We asked Vivienne if it bothers her to reveal her identity online.

“I have never been ashamed of my life as a webcam model. As women, we should embrace our sexuality, and if you can earn money in a safe environment and enjoy it, you have nothing to lose.”

How do people react when they find out what you do?

“Most of my friends were not shocked however there is a massive misconception about webcamming. I never worry about being spotted online; most men do not want others to find out that they use cam sites, so it’s not a problem.”

Do you ever encounter a creepy audience or those you’d fear?

Share any experience and how you usually deal with that.

“In 5 years that I have been camming, I only had one client that I did not like. Just because you are being paid does not mean you have to put up with any abuse. The platform takes this very seriously and you can report the client. You also have the option of kicking them out of the chat and blocking them.”

What’s the best thing that you enjoy doing during your webcam shows?

“Believe it or not, I love to talk; they’re a lot of lonely men who are looking for someone to talk to. It can be any topic from gardening,  holidays and they’re personal lives!”

For those aspiring webcam models out there, tell us how to be successful in this line of work?

“For anyone considering becoming a webcam model, I always advise looking at it as a business. Know what you good at it… and be natural; a client will know if you’re faking it.”

If you’re looking to explore life as a webcam model, Vivienne tells us all about how it works and the platform she’s using.

“At Regency Model Management, they use the UK’s no.1 webcam platform. This is the biggest online webcam site in the industry. When a client logs on they have the option to choose a profile which most appeals to them depending on what they are looking for. This could be the girl next door or a particular fetish every client knows what they enjoy and are looking for.”

What’s it like working for Regency Model Management?

“For those new to the industry finding the right agency can seem a minefield. The thing I like about Regency Model Management is you are appointed a 121 personal mentor this is great as they guide you through the whole process of getting you set up. There is always someone available to talk if you have any questions and being webcam models themselves they really know about the industry. They have this amazing family vibe and you always feel like they care.  

How can models apply?

“All applications can be made through the Regency Model Management website.”

Apart from all the fun and money, there is a lot more to the lives of webcam models; “I love performing, so I think if I had a chance to do it all over again, I could have been the next Jlo,” she laughed while responding to what she would like to be if she were to start over.