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The 4 Best Adult Toys for Interactive Cam Shows

With the current need for social distancing and limitations to human interaction, the webcam modelling industry has witnessed a huge boom.

Viewers and webcam models alike are discovering webcam modelling websites to blow off their steam and to earn some good money.

With the increasing competition, it is important that the webcam models stay at par with advancements and their offerings. For instance, you can always make these sessions more interactive and interesting through the use of sex toys.

In this article, we’ll be discussing 4 sex toys from the company Lovense. This company specialises in toys that mimic the human connection and increase your opportunity to earn more money through tips!

These toys are generally connected to the billing system. Once the viewer tops up the tip account, so do the sensations in your fun bits!

Lush 2

The Lovense Lush 2 is the most commonly used sex toy by webcam models for interactive cam shows.

Priced at $119, this sex toy is used vaginally, with vibrations controlled by the tips of your viewers.


The Lovense Nora is a slightly pricey sex toy, sold for $199. This vibrator has a rabbit shape, with the purpose of stimulating your clitoris and G spot at the same time.

The Nora sex toy is compatible with PC and MAC. Webcam models are sure to earn back the money spent on purchasing this toy. With its dynamic pulses and intense feels, Nora gives the viewer the view and opportunity to connect with you by controlling your vibrations. The amount of tip is how the viewer plays with webcam models.

This interactive sex toy is a must-have to make webcam shows lively and fun.


Max is a sex toy made to complement Nora. Lovense Max is advertised primarily for couples and works in connection with Nora, hence has a similar price of $199.

For a webcam model, any viewer with a Lovense Max sex toy can make your webcam show much more interactive and a lot of fun for both.

The connection built between Max and Nora involves the efforts of both your client and yourself.

The more the user of Max thrusts into the sex toy, the more vibrations you feel. Similarly, the more you push Nora into yourself, the more vibrations and pressure the user at the other end feels.


No discussion on sex toys is complete without discussing a dildo!

Lovense Domi is an advanced form of just that. Specifically speaking, it is a competitor of the Hitachi Magic Wand.

Priced at $199, it is a compact sex toy that can be connected through Bluetooth and controlled via an app.

Unlike the plug and grip like designs of Nora and Lush, this sex toy serves the purpose of straight vaginal penetration. The interactivity of Domi sex toys is similar to that of Lush. The amount of vibrations you feel depends on the tips sent by your viewers.