Why webcam models should add watermark to their content

What is a watermark?

Simply put, the watermark is a technique of protecting your content from being copied. You can do that by using a mark, a message, or even a nickname on your webcam profile images.

The goal is to easily identify the “owner” or at least the creator of the content. For the webcam models at Regency Model Management, content originality is very important.

Why should a webcam model use a watermark?

Protection against content theft

You are probably wondering why a webcam model should add a watermark on her videos/images. As we previously discussed how to stay anonymous, we must also look into the risk of content theft. Since you’ve worked hard on becoming unrecognizable, it makes your content susceptible to theft and misuse by others, especially those trying hard to get web cam jobs. So make sure your content has a distinct feature, or “identification,” so that your audience recognizes your videos and photos immediately.

Looking for web cam jobs can be challenging at times. It’s not uncommon to broadcast other webcam models’ shows on another cam platform, using a fake account to earn money from someone else’s hard work. Watermarking your videos/photos allows you to limit this risk significantly and, therefore, keep control of what you broadcast, especially where you broadcast it.

Watermarking is a big advantage for webcam models who do not want to leave pictures of them in light or no clothes, roaming around all over the internet.

The promotional advantage

Another advantage of using a watermark to your photos/videos/gifs is that it allows people who come across these documents to conveniently locate you for more similar content. It is cheap advertising provided that you are the actual owner of that content.

What kind of watermark should a webcam model use?

What should the watermark contain?

The watermark can contain a web address so that the Internet user can find content from the same webcam model. There are several techniques for this, more or less simple but also more or less expensive. This may be your cam girl profile or your social media profile. Here at Regency Model Management we can help you to promote your profile. We recommend you use your cam model link not only does this protect your images but will also drive traffic to your profile resulting in more earnings

Branding your body

Another fun and creative way is to use tattoos for your body. They can either be your original tattoos or temporary tattoos to make a fake persona. A cute tattoo at an attractive spot may very well become a memory for your viewer to remember you with.

Drawing or text

If you are artistic or have a graphic designer available for you, feel free to create a logo or insignia of your own. The prettier and more impactful it is, the better. Rest assured, if you’re bad at drawing like me, text written in a nice font does the job very well.

The important thing is that the watermark is the right size and well placed so that it catches the eye but small enough not to interfere with viewing the video or photo. I often put it at the bottom right, but there is no universal rule on this point.

Watermark your photos

Watermarking your photos before posting them on social networks or your cam platform is very easy. It is only a question of applying a text or an image on top of the original image.

Many software are available online for quick and easy editing, such as Paint3D,Gimp, Photoshop, etc.

Suppose you took the photo from your phone. In that case, you can even add the watermark using an app directly, with ease. Some applications include:

Watermark your videos

The method for Watermarking videos for webcam models is similar to that used for photos, except that the rendering time is much longer because the process completely re-encodes the video.

Some software examples include Windows Movie Maker or iMovie (for Mac and IOS).

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