a webcam model in her lingerie

Developing Your Style

How do you act during your stream? Some performers are comfortable being themselves, and others exaggerate traits or change some details. Your personal style will develop over time as you figure out what works for you. To help you stand out, think about ways you can show off your style and personality through your appearance, decorations, shows, and profile page.

Draw in a crowd

Who is your audience? Use your biopic, profile, and galleries to attract the viewers you want. You can change your biopic frequently to match your mood or the type of shows you’ll be doing. If you cater to special interests or kinks, mention these in your profile and add some pictures to your gallery. Don’t forget to consider quality, too: professional photos and smooth HD video will attract members who want to see you in full, crisp detail.

First impressions

How do you want new viewers to remember you? If you spot a name you don’t recognise, give them a good first experience! Let them know your specialities and invite them to start a show, or ask them about themselves. If you have a good conversation, don’t forget to click the folder icon so you can add a note. If a member is bothering you, don’t let them ruin the mood or drive away other viewers—use the “Kick” and “Block” buttons!

Build regulars

Some members will visit their favourite performers again and again. Give your customers a great experience and you’re sure to get repeat visitors! Members love when you remember them, so take notes. If the folder icon next to a member’s name is yellow, that means you’ve taken a note in the past (hover over the icon to quickly read it!). The Mailbox is also a great way to keep in touch between visits, and the group messaging feature can help you remind past customers to return.

Member requests

Decide what requests you want to do, will do, and won’t do during your stream. It’s your stream, and you should enjoy it! It can be fun to try new things if a member has a request, but you should never feel pressured to agree to all shows. Decline or stop any show you don’t want to do. When you are comfortable and enjoying the show as much as everyone else, your audience will respond!

Expand your prop collection

Don’t forget about lingerie, costumes, and toys! Keep around clothes that make you feel sexy, confident, and comfortable. Costumes are great for role-playing requests—don’t forget the stockings, handcuffs, and other accessories. Toy shows are popular, so keep your favourites close by! Lots of members will love seeing new outfits and toys, so let them know when you have something new you want to try out! HAVE FUN! It’s your stream, and it’s up to you how you you want to run it! Be sweet or sassy. Dress up or dress down. Keep the mood sexy, or sit back and tell jokes. Change it up as often as you want! If you have confidence and enjoy what you’re doing, you’ll attract an audience who loves your style and wants to see more of it.