Freemium vs Exclusive. Which webcam platform to choose?

There are two main types of webcam platform models, the Exclusive and the Freemium.

Which one to choose when looking for web cam jobs? What are the advantages of each of these models for webcam models? Our article will tell you all about the different types and what Regency Model Management has to offer.

The Exclusive Chat

Exclusive, also called one-to-one, is the oldest forms for webcam modelling. Introduced in the 90s, this model developed slowly until the early 2000s, limited at the time by the speed and distribution of general public internet connections. The high-speed internet connections and various webcam agency platforms offering one-to-one live chat sessions with webcam models caused this market to explode.

The operation is simple; the webcam models chat with the members on a free chat. At this point, the webcam model shares no “explicit” content. The goal is to engage a member to go on an exclusive one-to-one chat with the camgirl. Such private shows are paid for and offer exclusive content to the subscriber.

The advantage of such shows is that they guarantee some extent of security and privacy for the webcam models. In fact, exclusive webcam performances are not available for public viewing. The second advantage of this exclusivity is that it allows you to create a privileged relationship with your viewers. It is then up to the webcam model to take advantage of this and build customer loyalty.

The major drawback of this type of site is the difficulty of getting your first viewers, especially if you’re new to web cam jobs. They will have to be convinced to join you in a exclusive show without revealing any erotic content. You can only count on your charm and your ability to provoke desire. Listening and discussions are your main assets. Such sites naturally have lesser traffic than Freemium sites because there is no free content. Therefore, the platforms are forced to buy traffic, which naturally impacts the commission it takes from you. We can nevertheless note that the quality of visitors counterbalances this higher commission. Exclusive visitors are even willing to pay more than Freemium users.

The Freemium Chat

The Freemium chat arrived a bit later than Exclusive and attracted a lot of traffic. The webcam shows in freemium are free for everyone to watch. So how do webcam models make money? Thanks to tips left by users! Also this encourages the audience to take the camgirl into group or exclusive!

Users can reward the webcam model by tipping or using any virtual currency that the webcam platform may have. This tipping or reward may come as a result of the fulfilment of any particular request. Or simply if the camgirl’s show is entertaining. Some webcam platforms even offer a credit system that allows your sex toy to vibrate if connected with sex toys such as a Lush 3 by  Lovense. Note that it is also possible to switch to a group or exclusive show. The significant difference is that other users can continue to join a group show in exchange for paying the per minute rate.

The main advantage of Freemium platforms is the traffic they generate. The downside of these platforms is cultural. In some regions, such as in Europe, tipping is in everyday life is relatively uncommon. You will therefore have to put even more emphasis on the interactivity of the show to obtain tips.

There is also a lot of competition on these platforms. Therefore, it will be important for the webcam model to stand out and also promote herself on social networks to make her place. Check out this blog for further information

The Model Regency Advantage

At, we offer our camgirls group chat with multiple clients in one room and also offers exclusive one-to-one chat options to make things personal. Exclusive is a higher rate per minute that the clients pay meaning the models earn more money.

In addition to the above, the best part of taking a web cam job as a Model Regency is the flexibility of trying out both the modes. Webcam models can also perform in free modes and earn tips. Beginner webcam models can even use this opportunity to entice clients to take them private or exclusive. That is where the camgirls earn at a per-minute rate.

So which one to choose?

In conclusion, we cannot say that there is one model better than the other. The choice depends on your personal preferences, following the positive and negative points highlighted in this article. For a beginner looking for webcam jobs, the best advice we can give is to try both. See which type works best for you!

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