How to seduce a woman: 7 seduction techniques

With the ever-changing trends, the relationships between men and women have changed as well. For many, seducing a woman may be unchartered territory and a topic rarely explored.

Always remember; to please yourself is the best way to please others, and therefore women. Before we get into any other detail, you should understand that seduction is done with respect and consent!

Forget your preconceived ideas

There are still several preconceived ideas about men: fear of commitment, emotional immaturity, obsessive sex, etc. On the contrary, women are also often seen as demanding, too complicated. What clichés! As a result, both sides cultivate beliefs, sometimes negative, which create unnecessary tension during a meeting.

Show yourself to be open, and relegate your preconceived ideas to the closet. First of all, it requires having the courage to question yourself and take certain risks.

Bring out your qualities

It is very attractive when a person has a persona of his own. All the more so in a society that seeks to put us in a mould. But this requires, first of all, to know yourself better in order to showcase yourself.

Think outside the box and go in search of yourself. Highlight your uniqueness, a talent that characterises you, a particular hobby, a passion. By intriguing them, you capture their attention.

Cultivate your charisma

Cultivate your aura! It is, above all, a story of charisma! A kind of natural charm that essentially makes you attractive, in your own way, of course. The more you develop characteristics that add value to you, the more you will increase your influence.

It is enough to create favourable circumstances to shine during a romantic date. Being very comfortable in your element will make it easier for you to make a good impression. You are a mind-blowing salsa dancer; invite her to dance. The kitchen has no secrets for you; put on a chef’s hat and apron to cook a memorable meal. The watchword: put yourself to your advantage!

Get to know women

It’s easier when you’re in familiar territory; however, when interacting with the other gender, it can be a challenge getting to understand their desires and nature. Use your first date to get acquainted with her better before anything else.

Seek to understand her better, simply enjoy the company. It’s about letting go of your goals, such as having sex on the first night or talking about babies. It is reassuring for a woman to feel appreciated for who she is. Also, by dating women, you will better understand their vision of the world, their way of thinking, their problems and the need for their fight. Do not hesitate to ask your friends for advice before a first date.

Listening and empathising

The change in the way dating works essentially includes the fact that there is no longer a dominant male (unless, of course, that’s what she’s into!). One is equal to the other. And that goes through empathy. Today’s man no longer has to be manly at all costs. On the contrary, developing one’s qualities of the heart is an asset. A woman will sense it and trust you more.

Talk to her about yourself, listen to her. Show her your selfless attitude.

Share your emotions with her

If there’s one thing that’s important in a relationship, it is that emotional language is the key to communication.

Talk about your feelings. Tell her if you are happy to meet your date and are delighted to spend time with her, to get to know her. Gather your memories and share moments of intense emotions with her, do not hesitate to show her your sensitivity. Tell her about yourself; your family, your friends, your pets, your childhood … It’s that simple.

Take care of yourself

The dirty hair, the stained shirt – not great for a first date.

Whether from a nutritional or cultural point of view, taking care of yourself considerably increases your actions in the seduction market. Without necessarily throwing yourself into everything organic, seek instead to identify your food affinities… and play sports!

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